Shaping the Future Conversation of Cannabis Policy

The growing acceptance and tolerance of cannabis has given way to more global investor interest from Wall Street to Canada and other points abroad.

However unprecedented challenges exist for cannabis investors, operators, and even law enforcement. The recent spark in financial activity and response from governing bodies serves as a regulatory stress test more than an indication of future policy. As a result, there are more questions than answers and the right questions aren’t always being asked.

Until now.

The Policy Center for Public Health and Safety (PH&S) was founded to solve such challenges by facilitating dialogue and putting the right solutions in front of credible policymakers and key regulatory figures who have the ability to responsibly address issues impacting the U.S. and international cannabis markets.

Support for Cannabis at All-Time Highs
So Too is Regulatory Uncertainty

Public support for marijuana has increased steadily over the past decade with 62 percent saying marijuana should be legal, according to the Pew Research Center. Thirty-three states, the District of Columbia, Guam and Puerto Rico have legal medical marijuana programs. Ten of these states and Washington, D.C. have approved marijuana for recreational use.

Yet greater consumer consumption has done nothing to reduce risk for owners of cannabis companies, operators, investors, or ancillary businesses. The law enforcement community is equally frustrated and exhausted trying to make sense of a patchwork of rules and regulation that vary state-to-state.

With the global cannabis market set to explode and as more U.S. states move toward legalization, new conversations need to take place. The status quo isn’t working for law enforcement, nor is it working for those inside the cannabis industry. Despite attempts by members of the United States Congress to address these pains, America can do better.

Our Work & Approach


Cannabis is a multi-billion dollar industry that is operating, and arguably, thriving in uncharted regulatory territory.

The genesis behind the formation of the PH&S relates precisely to the intersection of regulation and policy and cannabis related financial services transactions. It is our goal to ensure cannabis companies have access to banking services like any other legal industry while keeping money in the system in line with existing U.S. monetary policy.

Our role is to convene these leaders, facilitate meaningful conversations, identify solutions to the most complex problems, and impact reform because these leaders know foundational elements must exist for a predictable, regulated, legitimate industry to operate.

PH&S’ work and main areas of focus include:

  • Preventing Money Laundering
  • Ensuring Public Health and Safety
  • Consumer Protection
  • Rule of Law
  • There is strong alignment among responsible cannabis operators, state Attorneys General, and law enforcement around the above areas.

Our approach is novel from other coalition attempts because we are engaging directly with state Attorneys General. As the top legal officers for states, they are relied on by state legislatures, state agencies, the Executive Office of the President of the United States, Department of Justice, Department of Treasury, members of Congress, and international regulators.

By pairing efforts and perspectives of top executives in cannabis and highlighting policy support and enforcement concerns among the Attorneys General, we engage in both supportive and critical dialogue arising from issues around legalized marijuana; sharing the resulting thoughtful guidance to members of U.S. Congress and other domestic and international regulatory bodies.


We believe positive industry reforms should be grounded in evidence.

Founding Members

“We’ve been involved with many organizations over the years. PH&S is the only group that has been able to deliver adequate, concise, and credible information so that we can make business decisions based on validated information.”
Kyle Speidel, CEO
“There are many organizations out there that profess to know the ins-and-outs of this issue area. From our experience and interaction, this is the only organization that has the ability to connect the dots, translate that knowledge into action and create outcomes. This is especially true in the public markets and interactions with federal law enforcement.”
Steve White, CEO
“Regardless of where you stand on the issue of legalization, there remain necessary protocols that must be achieved to maintain the integrity of the United States monetary system. Further, these protocols are needed to insure compliance and transparency among all industry entities and to provide elements of certainty for all business operations. This applies not only to businesses in the industry, but also to ancillary businesses and mainstream consumer brands entering the industry. Our effort is not about making accommodations. It is about financial safety and security.”
Fred Niehaus, Managing Partner
“The Policy Center for Public Health & Safety’s engagement with Attorneys General, financial markets, federal and international regulators, has been nothing short of groundbreaking. The next phase of credible industry representation has arrived and with it the ability to access decision makers and councils of influence not previously available to industry.”
Cameron Bishop

Who We Are

Our Board of Directors includes cannabis’ founding figures who today represent some of the most respected, credible, and well known cannabis brands. We are also honored to have leaders in the financial services industry, regulatory arena and former state Attorneys General on our Advisory Board to advise and provide thoughtful input and guidance to the Board.

Sundie Seefried

Advisory Board

Richard Carleton

Advisory Board

Jahna Lindemuth

Advisory Board

Allan Rewak

Advisory Board


Sean Tonner

Advisory Board

Lewis Koski

Advisory Board

Fred Niehaus

Board of Directors

Positions on the Board of Directors are by invitation. Should you have interest in a position of leadership, please contact us via the form below.

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Board of Directors

  • Direct input regarding specific issues relating to a negotiated outcome between state Attorneys General and federal regulators.
  • Identification, development, and clarification of issues impacting the industry related to negotiations. 
  • Providing relevant public policy recommendations in development of a longer-term, overarching strategy related to impacts of legalization.
  • Targeted interaction with key federal and state elected officials and regulatory policymakers.
  • Regular updates and convening of Board of Directors meetings to evaluate issues requiring action.
  • Facilitate an ongoing dialogue with key policymakers with particular attention to key state Attorneys General.
  • Direct dialogue with targeted Attorneys General who are on the front lines of international & federal negotiations.
  • Debrief with Attorneys General Association Executive Director.

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  • Direct input to the Board of Directors regarding specific issues being reviewed or evaluated by state Attorneys General and federal regulators. This may include input to Congressional representatives as well.
  • Identification, development, and clarification of issues impacting the industry related to regulatory negotiations.
  • Providing relevant public policy recommendations in development of a longer-term overarching strategy related to impacts of legalization.
  • Regular updates providing perspective for strategy development or revisions.


Financial Institution

  • Ongoing, relevant written updates on key actions.
  • Direct alerts when a call to action or early warning is required.
  • Ability to submit input on emerging issues for consideration.
  • Periodic updates on status of actions from the regulatory perspective.


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